3 Ways to Spot & Troubleshoot Common HVAC Repair

3 Ways to Spot & Troubleshoot Common HVAC Repair Needs at Home in Howell


No matter how reliable your HVAC system has been, there will come a time where its performance may cause you concern. By knowing these common HVAC repair signs, you'll be able to spot them quickly and take proactive steps to troubleshoot them. And if you need assistance from an HVAC technician, sharing your observations and what you've already done to address the problem will help the tech get to the root of the problem faster.

3 Ways to Spot & Troubleshoot Common HVAC Repair Needs at Home in Howell

Poor Airflow

Insufficient airflow from vents can lead to uneven heating or cooling throughout the home, leaving some rooms too hot or too cold. Causes may include clogged air filters, blocked vents or issues with the blower motor. To avoid airflow problems, check and replace dirty air filters regularly, ideally every 1-3 months, to ensure proper airflow. If airflow gets worse, check that vents and registers are not blocked by furniture, curtains, or other obstructions.

Thermostat Doesn't Work

A malfunctioning thermostat can lead to inaccurate temperature readings, frequent cycling, or failure to turn on the heating or cooling system. Fixing thermostat issues typically involves checking the thermostat settings, checking for power supply issues, or replacing a faulty thermostat.

Refrigerant Leaks

Poor air conditioning can be due to refrigerant leaks. Signs of refrigerant leaks include hissing sounds, oily residue around refrigerant lines or ice buildup on the evaporator coil. These often require expert help in locating and repairing the leak source, followed by recharging the system.

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